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4 Foundations of Mindfulness Practice

Find your own wisdom by utilizing mindfulness practice.

Whether your goal is to be more resilient to everyday stress, to increase your productivity, or to achieve previously unattainable levels of performance, there are a number of benefits of mindfulness that can help. As an mPEAK coach, focusing on mindful performance enhancement, awareness, and knowledge allows me to help you achieve your goals. Below, we’re exploring the foundations of mindfulness, so keep reading to learn more, then reach out today to start your journey.

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In this day and age, really taking the time to listen to your body can be a challenge — especially for athletes. Instead of taking the time to be mindful of what your body is telling you, it can be tempting to continue to push forward, and ignore the intuitive messages it's sending. Having awareness of your body can make all the difference in the world in making wise choices in a performance setting as well as with your overall well-being

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When’s the last time you set aside some time in your daily schedule to assess your feelings? As a mindfulness coach, one of my fundamental objectives is to help you be more in tune with your feelings in the present moment. Greater awareness of how you’re relating to a range of feelings through all mental and physical experiences gives you the ability to pause, breathe and not be so affected by that particular feeling. This can have a lasting and positive impact on every aspect of your life.

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Developing mindfulness of mind is not an easy task, but with consistent training it’s something that’s very doable for most all humans. For many of us, quite often our minds are incredibly busy and pulled in many directions. Being mindful of your mind doesn’t mean you try to create a certain quality of mind, it just means you start to become more aware of the thoughts and various mental states that are present, with an attitude of kindness and curiosity. As you develop awareness of your inner world, you see that it's all impermanent with thoughts, feelings and emotions continually arising and passing. Developing this ability is a cornerstone for bringing about positive change in your area of performance and in your life.

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Understanding in a deeper way the nature of your mind is integral to applying and experiencing the benefits of mindfulness practice in your personal life and in your area of performance. There are a number of hindrances of the mind that all human beings experience like restlessness, worry and doubt. Becoming more aware of these barriers naturally allows us over time to be liberated from them. This can help immensely with your stress levels, productivity and in your area of performance.


If you’d like to become the best version of yourself, seeking a mindfulness coach is the perfect solution. As an mPEAK coach, I would love to help you focus on mindful performance enhancement, awareness, and knowledge in a way that works for your specific needs and areas of focus. Learn more here, then reach out today to get started.

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