We are truly our own best guides. We just need to get out of our own way that’s all. I believe when we are listened to, supported and shown how to use tools to relax the body and settle the mind, our own wisdom speaks. If we choose to listen it opens the door to incredible possibilities for each and every one of us. In a kind, light and upbeat way I guide you down this path. Through the practice of mindfulness I help you uncover your best “you”. I help you become more aware of your old, not so helpful way of doing things and then take small steps to create a new path for your life. One that helps you experience greater joy, contentment, self acceptance, peace, purpose, creativity and much much more. Helping people find greater well-being mind, body and spirit is what I do – and I love to do it!!

Whether its learning how to manage stress and anxiety in a busy and sometimes chaotic world, exploring a deeper spiritual path, finding work life balance, establishing a deeper and kinder relationship with self and others, to live with more joy and happiness, cultivating present moment awareness is foundational in any sort of shift you’re seeking. If ready for status quo to hit the high road and have a strong intention for a new way, lets do this! Lets explore all of the amazing possibilities that lie in front of you.

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What I offer

Greg Klym coaching offers one on one and group mindfulness coaching sessions helping clients become happier and healthier human beings on all levels...mind, body and spirit.

Mindfulness Coaching

One-on-one or group coaching sessions helping integrate the practice of mindfulness.

Speaking Engagements

Key note presentations to corporations and organizations on mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Workshops

Providing individuals live in person and online personal development

Community Events

Cultivating connection and supporting mindfulness practice through community events

What clients are saying about Greg.

Sheri says,

Sheri says,,

“I had the pleasure of being introduced to Greg at a point in my life where I was seeking change.  I knew that I had patterns and habits that were not steering me in the direction I wanted to go, and needed guidance and coaching on how to get from where I was to who I wanted to be.  Greg introduced me to breath and awareness, two gifts I will forever be grateful for and that have literally changed my life.  I worked with Greg for 6 months, learning not just about about myself, but also about ‘seeing the big picture’… taking a step back, a moment to breath, observe, and act accordingly.  Something that may seem so simple and obvious, but in actuality is rarely practiced or considered. Greg and his coaching have had a tremendous impact on who I am now as an individual, how I observe and approach the world, and the steps I take going forward… steps of intention and purpose.  Without Greg and his guidance I’m sure I would still be headed down my typical path of bad choices.  I am confident now, however, in my truth, my purpose, and how to go about living the life I want based on Greg’s support and coaching.  I highly recommend Greg and his practice to anyone seeking a deeper understanding and approach to their lives.  I can guarantee you, you will not be disappointed.”

~ Sheri, Burlington, ON

TC says…

TC says…,

“Working with Greg has literally been life changing for me. He gave me the tools and resources to help me break free of the fears and negativity that were holding me back and helped me get back into the driver’s seat of my life. He helped me take what I was reading about in all the mindfulness books and turn it into actual practice.  I have rediscovered a love for life, I love myself again and I am forever grateful for my experience with him. If you’re ready to make changes in your life and need some help, I highly recommend working with Greg.”

~ TC, Milton, ON


Meegan says…,

“I met Greg through one of his mindfulness workshops and immediately felt I had met someone sincere, authentic and trusting, so I decided to give his coaching a try. I had been constantly living with thoughts and feelings of fear and anxiety, always living in the “when and if” instead of the “here and now”. I have been working with Greg now for over six months and life is different. I smile more, feel happiness more and see people and life differently. I am present more. I take confidence in Greg’s commitment and passion for mindfulness practice. In our sessions there’s always a hug, smiles and often laughter. His attitude reminds me that deep, meaningful change can be made when making the commitment and investment in yourself. It can be done!”

~ Meegan, Burlington, ON

Denise says…

Denise says…,

“Greg guided me through my personal journey to finding peace and happiness. He introduced me to a way of living I never knew existed. Working with Greg has been a life changing experience. The role model I have become for my children is one of the greatest gifts from his guidance.”

~ Denise – Milton, ON

Rob says…

Rob says…,

“Greg is a great coach. He uses his knowledge and experience to guide you while he allows you to cut your own specific path at your own pace. He knows when to listen, when to offer insight and how to keep you on track in order to continue growing. If you told me all of the areas of my life that this would have touched before we started, I would have rolled my eyes in disbelief. With his help, this experience has been nothing short of life changing.”

~ Rob, Oakville, ON

Cassidy says…,

“I would describe Greg as a guardian angel.  He is such a compassionate and kind-hearted person. One of the things I loved most about him was that I never felt any sort of judgment from him. He works with you at your pace and allows you to take all the time you need to make the changes that need to be made. This provided a great level of comfort and ease during sessions. The biggest tangible change I noticed throughout the program was the shift in my self-confidence. When we first started the sessions, it was next to non-existent and Greg helped bring it to the surface.  I never in a million years thought that it would be possible for me to exert confidence, but I was able to build it through the techniques and practices that Greg provided”. If you do decide to go see Greg, my advice would be to follow all the advice and tips he provides you.  While he is amazing at what he does, you need to put in the work on your end and commit yourself to taking a different path.  Change is the scariest thing and it can seem impossible, but it’s doable and Greg can definitely help you get there!”

~ Cassidy, Milton, ON

Nancy says…,

“Working with Greg was one of the best gifts I gave to myself. He is warm, inviting, gentle, perceptive and focused. His insights, support and recommendations assisted me in healing relationships and strengthening boundaries I had been working on for years.  Most importantly, Greg helped me be kinder and gentler with myself!”

~ Nancy, Milton, ON

Buddha was asked. “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied, “Nothing! However, Buddha said, let me tell you what I have lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death”